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46 Home Services Smart Lighting solutions

46 Home Services Smart Lighting solutions

At 46 Home Services, we specialize in bringing innovative solutions to enhance the comfort and convenience of our clients' homes. Our recent project in Carmel, Indiana involved the installation of smart lighting throughout a home, allowing the customer to have full control over all the lights using Alexa voice commands. Additionally, convenient timers were set up to ensure lights were not left on unnecessarily, helping the customer save money on energy bills.

Project Overview:

Our client desired to upgrade their home lighting system to a smart solution that offered convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced control. They wanted the ability to control all the lights in their home using voice commands via Alexa, as well as to set up timers for automated lighting control.

Smart Lighting Installation:

Our skilled team meticulously installed smart lighting fixtures throughout the home, replacing traditional light bulbs with smart bulbs or switches. These smart devices were integrated with the client's existing Wi-Fi network and connected to their Alexa-enabled devices, enabling seamless control via voice commands.

Convenient Timers:

In addition to voice control, convenient timers were set up to automate the lighting based on the client's preferences. This allowed lights to be turned on and off at specific times, ensuring they were not left on unnecessarily and helping to reduce energy consumption and save money on utility bills.


The completion of this project resulted in a home environment that was both convenient and energy-efficient. The client could now effortlessly control all the lights in their home using voice commands, while the automated timers provided added convenience and helped reduce energy waste.

Location: Carmel, IN

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